Umd 2023 Rev - Well Connected

For the past few months, I’ve been learning to use the Binary Ninja api to level up my reversing skills. Here’s a demo of how powerful scripting is.
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idekCTF 2022 - Weep Writeup

Last week, we hosted idekCTF 2022 and had a great turnout. One of my challenges, Weep - Pwn ended off with 8 solves. This is my author writeup
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Google CTF 2022 - Eldar Writeup

Last weekend, I particpated in Google CTF with my team idek. I manage to solve one challenge and our team placed 20th. This is a write for eldar (333pt/14 solves) a rev challenge.
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For the past month I have been putting my complete focus on this ASU Computer Systems Security course, CSE466. Over the course of 24 days, I completed 472 challenges which range from basic linux usage to kernel module exploitation. Here is my breakdown of each module.
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